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Eamon and Evan Elders as Sheriff and Son - CopyAs I said in comments, ALL the Dublin photos emailed to me looked sideways on my computer. I “fixed” them all the same way.

While it varies according to what browser and hardware people are using the fix doesn’t always result in them displaying correctly.

The photos were taken on two different types of iPhones.

The photo above, one of those cited as a problem, was taken with an iPhone 4. I have tried rotating it, then saving it under a different name than on the file sent to me. While I don’t expect that to work, who knows?

Does it look right on your browser and phone/computer? And what are you using to view it?

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  1. Firefox + NoScript on a MacBook: Looks fine. Assuming their feet are supposed to be at the bottom of the photo. (Hey, this is an sf event we’re talking about.)

  2. Looks fine on Win 7 and Firefox version umptyfratz. I used to have the same random rotation problem with my iPhone 4, and just rotated and saved them in Photoshop – certainly more tool than i needed for the job, but its my image manipulation hammer…

  3. Looks normal on a PC running a corporate flavour of Windows 7 and an up to date copy of Opera. And that’s one of the photos that’s sideways for me on the other post.

  4. It looks fine with Firefox on Windows 7, but in Safari on my wife’s iPad it’s rotated 90 degrees clockwise. It’s fine in Firefox running under Android on my phone.

  5. It looks fine in Safari on a desktop Mac


    When I click on the photo to see it by itself, the image that comes up is rotated 90 degrees clockwise.

  6. Some of the EXIF data:
    Camera Make = Apple
    Camera Model = iPhone 4
    Picture Orientation = rotated 90° (6)
    Software / Firmware Version = 7.1.2
    Subject Location = 1295,967,699,696 x/y coordinates of center and width/height of rectangle (4)
    Image Width = 2592 pixels
    Image Height = 1936 pixels

    Some configurations are ignoring the ‘Picture Orientation’?

  7. Sideways photos. I don’t know whether this is the problem, but my “new” (2014) camera took me unawares by saving “EXIF Data” in the JPG image. This includes information about the “real” orientation of the photo, as determined by the camera’s “which way up is he holding me” sensor. High jinks ensued when I tried to rotate sideways photos using my usual image-tweaking software — which appeared to do the job but left the EXIF data in place: some browsers etc would then read this and re-orient the image to override my own rotation. I’m sure there are experts here who could phrase this better.

    PS I see I have been ninja-ed and someone has just raised the issue of EXIF.

  8. I get the same result as @Peace is My Middle Name. If I right click on the picture and choose View Image it gets displayed rotated. This with Firefox 39.0 on OSX.

  9. When I have time later today I will find some EXIF purge software and give that solution a try. I’ve done a little reading about EXIF now and that appears the most likely explanation.

  10. Looks fine for me using Opera on a Win7 laptop, and using Opera, Chrome, and “Browser” on an Android tablet. The previous set of pictures had the sideways problem on all of the above EXCEPT for Android’s “Browser”, where they look okay.

  11. Depending on your level of comfort with things technical, the breeziest solution to _use_ would be installing ImageMagick and then creating an Automater Workflow that watches one folder for new additions, strips the EXIF data with the commandline ImageMagick program, and then moves it to another folder for you.

    Then you’d just grab a bunch of the files from whereever and they would show up in the “Finished” folder as they got converted.

    ImageMagick is here: (Look for “Mac OS X distribution we provide”)

    Once installed the command line looks like this:
    convert orig.jpg -strip result.jpg

    As for Automator tutorials, here’s an older one that talks about using ExifTool (another command-line program) to basically do all of the above:

    Good luck!

  12. I get the same result as Shambles–it looks sideways to me.

    I’m using an iPad running iOS 8, and Safari.

  13. Addendum that I match IanP’s experience: normal in Firefox under Windows 7, but if I click “View Image” it comes out 90 degrees clockwise.

  14. Viewing on iPhone 5s, IOS 9.0

    Image appears sideways and compressed on the horizontal axis (when viewed in the “proper” orientation)

  15. I don’t know if this is any help, but when I click on the photograph to see it by itself in Firefox, the photograph is rotated 90 degrees clockwise but undistorted.

    Using Safari on the same machine, the photo when clicked on is shown rotated 90 degrees clockwise and is compressed slightly, making the people look unnaturally thin.

  16. Huh, there’s an iOS 9 now? Viewing on my 1st Gen iPad in iOS 5, and the picture is sidewise.

  17. Fine on WinXP IE8 (don’t laugh, it’s the workplace PC…apparently IT here doesn’t consider non-vendor supported platform to be a notable risk….)

  18. This one looks fine on Chrome on a Windows Desktop, while some of the ones on the Dublin article are still mis-oriented & squished.

  19. Looks fine in Chrome on Mac OSX Yosemite.

    Computers are a pain, aren’t they? I finally fixed a problem which has been kicking my okole this week. Turns out that in a particular Python HTTP library, sending JSON data in a POST request with the json parameter screws up the wire format such the the server doesn’t correctly parse the data as JSON. You have to use the data parameter.

    And here I thought using Python instead of C++ would save time. Hah!

    If this means no sense to you, be glad you don’t do geekery for a living.

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