Photo Oop

In the Hyatt’s Bistro 151, a restaurant beneath a central atrium, a few moments ago I saw Robert Silverberg leap aside as somebody’s smartphone crashed on the floor near him. The phone’s owner had been on the overhang above (where hotel registration is located) leaning out to get a shot when he lost his grip on the phone. The people at the table next to where it hit were taken aback but not too upset. No harm, no foul, I guess.

5 thoughts on “Photo Oop

  1. On the last evening of IguanaCon, there were two teens putting their legs over the concrete inner barrier on the ninth floor of the atrium of the Hyatt. Luckily looking up from the interior Tiki Bar was a committee member with the Voice of Command who saw them and yelled “You! Get your legs in! Now!”

    They were visibly surprised, got their legs in, and ran off, averting a potential disaster.

  2. In a way I was relieved this was a dumb accident because I remembered the quote from the maids at the Atlanta Worldcon hotel, with its 42-story high atrium — “I like these people — they throw soft things” — and what horrifying images that brought to mind. Even a 20-foot drop of anything substantial is still enough to be dangerous.

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