Photos of Loncon 3’s Fan Village

The pocket program says the Fan Village is the heart of Loncon 3. Francis Hamit and his camera went for a look on Friday. (Hover pointer over individual photos to display captions.)


5 thoughts on “Photos of Loncon 3’s Fan Village

  1. That was my guess — but I decided to forego the little joke about “everybody else was still in line to get in.” (Ooops.)

  2. Yes, this area has been absolutely packed most of the convention, particularly in the evening when it holds all of the parties. But while it’s very busy and very loud, there is also enough room to move around and I never have found it uncomfortable.

  3. I’ve been uncomfortable most of the time that I’ve been in here, not because of crowding, but because like almost all modern convention centers, it’s air-conditioned to a temperature that might be comfortable for businessmen in suits, but not for people in shirtsleeves.

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