Planetfest in LA

There are 8 must-see things at Planetfest 2012, writes Steven Paul Leiva on the KCET website, not the least being a presentation by the CEO of the Planetary Society, William Sanford Nye – known by most of us as Bill Nye the Science Guy..

The Planetary Society is the world’s largest space advocacy group and their annual event, taking place August 4 and 5 in the Pasadena (CA) Convention Center, is likely to coincide with the arrival on Mars of the rover Curiosity (viewable online via JPL/NASA).

Saturday’s highlights are David Brin’s talk about the outburst of space exploration activity, a tribute to the late Sally Ride, and a panel on space art with Don Davis, Rick Sternbach, Aldo Spadoni, Jon Ramer, and Robert Kline.

On Sunday George Whitesides of Virgin Galactic and David Giger of SpaceX will comment on the future as shaped by commercial space companies, followed later by a Bradbury tribute, a presentation by space journalist Andrew Chaikin, and items by Planetary Society experts leading into coverage of Curiosity’s landing.

See the Planetfest 2012 website for ticket information.

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  1. Steven Barnes, Gene Roddenberry, Carl Sagan, Susan Sackett, Ted Koeppel, Ray Bradbury, Louis Friedman, Bruce Murray, and I were all at Planetfest I in 1981. The live feed from Voyager 2 had in the upper left corner, as I pointed out to Mr. Roddenberry who hadn’t noticed it, the label “Vgr 2”, like the Voyager spacecraft in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

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