Portland Wins 2016 Westercon

An unopposed bid for Portland, OR has won the right to host the 2016 Westercon.

Running unopposed hasn’t always made Portland a shoo-in for Westercon. A couple years ago the town’s bid for the 2013 Westercon lost to a write-in. However, that group was missing many of the area’s veteran conrunners. The 2016 committee, backed by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions Inc. (OSCFCI) is regarded to be much richer in experience.

Westercon 69 chair Lea Rush announced the con’s guests will be — Writer GoH John Scalzi, Special Guest Charles Stross, and Fan GoH David Levine.

3 thoughts on “Portland Wins 2016 Westercon

  1. I think it will be a good con. I know a good number of the ConCom and other fans in the general area. Orycon and their Westercons have been excellent. (I am told there are many SMOFs there, but they are Secret, so who knows who they are?)

    And Scalzi and Stross as guests? Them some power there… And congrats to David…

    (I remember reading a Stross story with a Unix admin paragraph in the middle. I stopped, reread it several times – it made perfect sense if one groks Unix admin majic incantations [ah, BSD 4.1 started me down the path], made perfect sense in the context, and complete “made up” nonsense to everybody else. Brilliant.)

    Although the write-in last time was very funny – and Kevin was …. excited … for a while after his bid won. (Of course, humor is another’s pain.)

    I’m still waiting for a joke Worldcon bid to win (Mile’s (sp?) house springs to mind… are his parents on permanent holiday?) The precedent has been set..

  2. William F. Nolan lives in the area. I hope be is given a seat at the table.

  3. If they can get Cory Doctorow, they have the triumvirate of the this generation’s Young Bucks. Counter them with the new women writers coming out of the NorthWet.

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