11 thoughts on “Pride and Prejudice And Zombies Trailer

  1. I couldn’t get through the book, but the graphic novel was a hoot. The trailer looks promising – fighting blood dripping zombies without getting a single drop on their white dresses was a sign the film makers understand the rules of the genre. If this is a success we can expect some of the other novels (Little Women and Werewolves, Sense and Sensibility and Sea Monsters, etc.) to be made into films as well.

  2. The modern-era co-author of the book is writing and directing the movie version of The Flash for Warner.

    Which sort of makes you wonder what The Flash might be like if the other co-author, which is to say, Jane Austen, wrote it…

  3. The whole [classic novel] + [sf/fantasy/horror tropes] thing seemed like just a joke back when P&P&Z was just a concept and a title. Where will it stop?

    [hides notes for a Potter-ized version of Tom Sawyer behind his back]

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  5. The costumes looked good to my untrained eye, but all I know is from the covers of Regency romances, Sharpe, and Master and Commander…

    I also liked the new Gamera trailers. That’s TWO decent movies to see, though I doubt I can sell my wife on either (she is not a zombie fan, and though she’ll put up with Godzilla, there is no love for the giant flying turtle with tusks…).

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