Profiles in History’s Next Big Hollywood Auction

A vast number of iconic movie props, costumes and photos — many of genre interest — will be auctioned by Profiles in History September 29-October 1. The catalog is online.

Items range from the small – Captain America’s dogtags (page 604) – to the large, the Green Hornet’s Black Beauty automobile (page 609). You can buy the model Rodger Young used in Starship Troopers (page 574). There are Watchmen costumes, and from Lord of the Rings, plenty of prop swords and an endless supply of prosthetic hobbit feet and ears.

The dedicated Ray Bradbury fans among us will want to know that an autographed first edition of The Martian Chronicles, and a signed The Martian Chronicles preproduction shooting script, will be going on the block. See photo below.

Trek fans are expected to pay $6,000-$8,000 for Jonathan Frakes’ collection of 250+ ST:TNG scripts.

And a Leonard Nimoy-worn Star Trek tunic in Science Officer blue is on offer, valued between $70,000-$90,000.

Page 336 Martian Chronicles Prof in Hist catalog

4 thoughts on “Profiles in History’s Next Big Hollywood Auction

  1. I hope the screen-used props from Forbidden Planet find a fannish home (where they might turn up on display at a con…).

  2. All these signed photos by Lon Chaney Jr, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff and Christopher Lee. o.O

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