Project Ansible

Science is hard at work delivering the science fictional technologies we all demand. The tricorder. The warp drive. Tractor beams. Teleportation. Now (drum roll please) Steven H Silver reports, “My company (but different division) is working to make the ansible a reality.” 

“Well, sort of,” he adds.

Siemen’s Project Ansible is described in eWeek as a platform —

that is designed to enable organizations to more seamlessly unify voice, video, social communication, search and business applications. Ansible will make it easier and less time-consuming for users to do everything from looking for information in multiple sources to conducting live and virtual meetings to generating transcripts.

And Siemens will happily tell you a lot more about the product here.

Once again I am green with envy! Steven immediately associated the project’s name with Langford’s fanzine. When a company released a “770” phone, and Remington manufactured a “Model 770” rifle, did anybody notice? Not one peep!

Of course, anonymity isn’t always a bad thing. Nobody’s ever linked me to that lousy series of YouTube videos about Agent 770 either…

2 thoughts on “Project Ansible

  1. Seems more likely this is straight from Ursula K. LeGuin’s original coinage.

    And yeah, vagueware. Integrated scalable enterprise communications management… crap.

  2. You’re right about sourcing Siemen’s name to Le Guin. Because Silver copied it to me and Langford at the same time the idea of there being a “more true” connection involving a fannish in-reference seemed self-evident, and I didn’t set that up as well as I imagined.

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