Raftery Wins TAFF

Anna Raferty will be the Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund delegate to MidAmeriCon II.

The vote totals were:
92  Anna Raftery
82  Wolf von Witting
12  No Preference

(The news release did not break out North American and European voting.)

Jim Mowatt’s announcement congratulated the winner and praised the runner-up —

Many commiserations to Wolf who was a brilliant candidate and has done an incredible amount of work amongst fans from many countries to raise the profile of TAFF in continental Europe. As Nina will testify, the fan fund isn’t very well known in some parts of Europe so it can be quite difficult to engage your fellow fans if they aren’t very familiar with the TransAtlantic Fan Fund. Wolf moved mountains and came within just 10 votes of claiming the prize. A stunning campaign and a monumental achievement. In many other years the number of votes he managed to get would have taken him comfortably to the victory podium. Wolf, we salute you.

4 thoughts on “Raftery Wins TAFF

  1. It’s getting so that TAFF is like the Hugos — more often as not the winner is someone I’ve never heard of, have no idea what they’ve done and will probably have no interaction with after their tour is done.

  2. Taral Wayne: Let’s not overlook the built-in solution — starting the Fans Taral Has Heard of Fund.

  3. @Taral Wayne: One of the ideas behind fan funds is to give the opportunity to meet and get to know fans one otherwise wouldn’t have met, or even heard of.

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