ReaderCon 30 Photos

Neil Clarke

By Daniel Dern: [In addition to his photos taken onsite this weekend, Dern offered this “quotable tidbit” from ReaderCon 30 — ]

The “Remembering Gene Wolfe” session was amazing and wonderful. Howard Waldrop opened with what could easily have been a great first line: “I first met Gene Wolfe at Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland…”  C.S.E. Cooney related how she met Wolfe (leading to a long friendship) — when she was still a new writer, her father suggested she might like to meet and talk with one of his parishioners who wrote science fiction…

Hopefully, ReaderCon (or somebody else volunteering to do it) will post the audio of this panel.

The rest of Dern’s photos follow the jump.

14 thoughts on “ReaderCon 30 Photos

  1. Ummm, that’s NOT the Code of Conduct picture that I sent in! (I’ve just sent OGH email noting this, along with a resend of the correct photo.

  2. I wondered about that! I was thinking the word “code” was more apt than usual, but I couldn’t figure out the symbolism.

    Also, the Horrors of Being Female picture seems to include a sixth late-added panelist not in the caption. First name Nicole; I can’t read the last on my small screen.

    Thanks for sending the pics!

  3. Mike, thanks for the quick image fix. (I verified that I indeed had included the correct one in the ZIP file I’d dropboxed to you originally.)

    Lenore: Nicole (D.) Sconiers. Sorry for missing that in comparing who’s in the pic to who’s listed in the program (and on the at-the-door sessions list)!

    As for sending pics, a) that’s why I bring one of my cameras (and my smartphone)… and as I discovered at Registration, I was already comp’d as MEDIA, so I’m earning my keep.

  4. Filers make a good team.

    Those looked like some interesting panels, and I liked the politeness wording in the Code.

  5. Ack, I am kinda sad i was missed in this wonderful set of photos
    Beth did spot me though..

  6. @Paul – sorry, a) obviously I couldn’t get pix of everyone, b) I was only able to be there Friday, daytime, c) I was also spending some time sitting in the audience enjoying, etc. (I guess I can’t say “I ran out of film… 🙂

    @Tracy, sorry for the spell-o, particularly since it’s right there on the name-tent. It’s correct in the picture name, FWIW. Blame my vowel-enthusiastic fingers… (And I see Mike has fixed it already.)

  7. Nice to see some of my inventory featured above as “Classic Books For Sale”. I’m happy to report that roughly half of the books shown were sold by the time Readercon was over!

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