Real Fantasy Baseball

By James H. Burns: There is no sport, I think, that lends itself better, to the better nature of fantasy, than baseball.  I’ll leave it to others here to possibly recount some of those tales.

But it occurred to me, this evening, after almost forty-six years as a baseball fan, and as the Mets have completed the next leg of their most remarkably pleasant and unexpected of seasons, that the very first baseball I ever saw was probably also within the realm of the fantastic —

On television repeats!

Herman Munster Meets Leo Durocher

Mr. Ed Meets the Dodgers. (Koufax, Drysdale…)

Samantha Explains Baseball

6 thoughts on “Real Fantasy Baseball

  1. In the ‘Academy of Super-Heroes‘ universe (an original story universe primarily by Dave van Domelen that’s been running since Usenet was a thing), one of the ‘issues’ includes a description of a superhero baseball league that only does exhibition games. This includes descriptions on what officially defines ‘super’ in that universe for the distinction on whether or not you’re allowed to compete in the ‘normal’ leagues. And it’s all described by one of those types of people who holds strong opinions on the designated hitter rule.

    (No, I don’t remember which issue, and I’m not going to search through well over three hundred text files to find it right now. This universe has been running since 1994 or so and is still ongoing.)

  2. “The Mighty Casey” in the original Twilight Zone had an android pitching for the Hoboken Zephyrs.

  3. There are also the movies “It Happens Every Spring”, “Angels and the Pirates”/“Angels in the Outfield” (the 1951 movie or the 1994 movie), and the play/movie “Damn Yankees”.

    What other sports fantasies are there? The 2013 Argentinian movie “Metegol” about soccer & table soccer/metegol/foosball, that is supposed to be released in America as “Underdogs” if the Weinstein Company will stop postponing it.

    If you’ll take fantasy football in novels, there’s “Divisions” and the others in that series by Kyell Gold:

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