Recent SF Author Mentions on TV

Two popular TV shows referenced famous sf writers last week.

Morris Keesan alerted me to the first instance. His e-mail came with the subject line “Trivia Not About Ray Bradbury” — which he knows is rare as hen’s teeth at File 770.

Jeopardy! episode #6797 challenged contestants with a Final Jeopardy category titled “British Authors.” They were given this answer:

The author of more than 50 books, he won 6 Hugo awards & was nominated for a 1968 Oscar.

(As you doubtless know, on Jeopardy! players are shown an answer and must come back with the appropriate question.)

Keesan said, “Because of File 770, my first thoughts were ‘Ray Bradbury was a screenwriter. No, wait, he wasn’t British.’”

The winning question is here. Both contestants who made it to Final Jeopardy got it right.

Another writer was referenced on last week’s Big Bang Theory episode “The Mommy Observation”. Raj and Leonard had a quick exchange about exactly which of Harlan Ellison’s Outer Limits episodes Terminator’s premise was stolen from.

[Thanks to Morris Keesan and John King Tarpinian.]

5 thoughts on “Recent SF Author Mentions on TV

  1. Just this evening on Jeopardy the answer to one of the clues was “George
    R.R. Martin”. The contestant got it right.

  2. Now that you mention it, no. He won 3. He also won 3 Nebulas, which might be how that got screwed up. Wonder if anybody wrote to complain.

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