Red Green Now Playing on YouTube

In a new music video Ed Green looks like a beach boy who’s been left too long in the solar oven, but he knows talent when he sees it. Ed plays the manager of New Found Glory whose tune “Ready and Willing” is leaping up the charts.

You’ll find Ed at the very beginning (wearing suspenders), and again at :31.

5 thoughts on “Red Green Now Playing on YouTube

  1. There’s a connection to SF or fandom somewhere in this story, but I confess I need it explained to me…

  2. Ed Green is a fan. A while back, Mike was using this space to shill for votes for Ed in some competition for actors.

  3. Taral has been reading this site for what, five years? If he doesn’t know who Ed Green is by now, he at least knows where the search box is.

  4. Mike, I’m sorry to be the cause of this comment thread.

    I promise not to do any more acting until I become a much more famous Fan.


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