Remembering Weakly

What is this quote about?

“There’s something wrong with me, because every week I go, ‘Oh no, it’s due again!’ Like it’s some big surprise.”

A. My daughter and her spelling homework.
B. Fred Patten and his APA-L zine.
C. Dave Langford and Ansible.
D. The LASFS secretary and the meeting minutes.

Answer: E, none of the above. It’s Matt Groening about his comic Life in Hell, which recently ended a 32-year run.

2 thoughts on “Remembering Weakly

  1. He was only competing with himself. Now he can sit back, relax, and let other people set records with The Simpsons.

  2. I have not seen it recently, nor have I sought it out. I would have thought it vanished a few years ago, what with no new collections appearing on the bookshelves. THE HUGE BOOK OF HELL was 2009, and it was a selection of the previous 30 years. Better to end early than end badly, which is what Watterson and Gary Larson did.

    I enjoyed many of the early years collections. It was easy to give those titles away as gifts to about anyone, except your prim maiden aunt.

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