Renovation Sets Hugo Voter Record

More voters than ever before cast ballots in the 2011 Hugo Awards. Renovation’s 2100 votes broke a 31-year-old record (1980, 1788 votes).

Members in 33 countries participated, and 46.1% of Renovation’s overall membership.

Earlier this year the con broke the record for nominating ballots received, 1006.

Renovation has also announced Marina Gelineau is the winner of the Hugo base design contest.

I believe this is her website, which displays an award-winning work in glass “Mobilis in Mobile” inspired by Jules Verne. She is also the subject of this article in France Today.

Mobilis in Mobile

2 thoughts on “Renovation Sets Hugo Voter Record

  1. Perhaps that record number of ballots had something to do with the excellent downloadable voter packet made available to the members. It enabled me to read all the short fiction nominees in two days (and a number of other categories’ nominees in slightly longer) without having to hunt any of them down further, and thereby ensured my vote.

  2. @DB: Certainly true. The Hugo voter packet dramatically increases voter knowledgeability which is the key to higher levels of participation.

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