Richard L. Bare (1913-2015)

Richard Bare, director of hundreds of TV episodes including Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man,” died March 28 at the age of 101.

While attending the University of Southern California in 1932 he made “The Oval Portrait,” an adaptation of a Poe story, that is considered the school’s first student film.

He launched his career with a series of short films for Warner Bros. – “So You Want To Give Up Smoking,” “So You Think You Need Glasses,” etc. — over a 10-year period, interrupted by his service in World War II.

In the 1950s he began working in television. Credited with discovering James Garner, he directed the actor in several installments of Maverick.

Bare’s genre work included 7 episodes of Twilight Zone, among them “Nick of Time” (1960), “The Prime Mover” (1961), “To Serve Man” (1962), “The Fugitive” (1962), and “What’s in the Box” (1964).

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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