19 thoughts on “Rogue One Teaser Trailer

  1. Hmmm… first reaction is, Oh Ghod, not another Deathstar. Second reaction is, Good to see Forrest Whitaker show up in the new canon.

  2. I think that is supposed to be the original Death Star, and this is the story of how its plans were stolen.

  3. Yeah, that’s definitely a “past” story with Death Star Mk I. Those are old-school stormtroopers, Mon Mothma is still leading the Rebellion, and Mk II didn’t get anywhere close to that complete an exterior.

    Looks promising, even if I did like that the first mission in Dark Forces was stealing the Death Star plans, which appears to now be not just non-canon, but contradicted by canon. Well, so it goes. The game still plays just fine…

  4. I’m confused. This isn’t Star Wars VIII, but a side movie? Or what?

  5. Iโ€™m confused. This isnโ€™t Star Wars VIII, but a side movie? Or what?

    Side movie. Disney’s official strategy is an Episode every other year, with a stand alone “side movie” in between.

    Yes. They are planning to release a new Star Wars movie every year.

    This is from the director of Godzilla (2014).

  6. It’s a side movie. I’ve been hearing about this as the next Star Wars project, but discussion does get tangled with VIII .

    I think it looks like it could be good — if they try to somehow sneak in some Jedi, I may change my mind.

  7. Unless the noticeably unnamed Rebel officer is Kyle freaking Kattern. Seriously, does the Rebellion have a stubble and swagger course for male officers?

    And will the stuff that is obviously the Yavin 4 base mean that many of the Rebels will have the full glory of the 70’s facial hair and sideburns New Hope had?

  8. How did Katniss Everdeen end up running two revolutions before she hit 20? Overachiever ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. The advantage in this movie for writer, director, and audience — and one of the reasons I’m really looking forward to it — is that they can take 90% of the characters in this film any direction they want. Kill ’em off, marry ’em off, send them straight to hell, anything at all. As long as the Death Star plans end up with Princess Leia, nothing else matters. Got to be a very liberating feeling for the filmmakers and actors.

  10. “lurkertype on April 7, 2016 at 1:35 pm said:
    This is SW 3.5, I think. We may find out exactly how many Bothans die.”

    Based on the fact that they were willing to throw out basically almost everything that’s ever been written for Star Wars, I suspect the answer will be 0. I doubt they’ll pay much attention to that single line. To be honest, I kind of doubt the Disney writers really even know what a Bothan is.

  11. The Bothans died getting the plans and specifications for the second Death Star (which were inaccurate and part of a trap, so the Bothans may well have been bought off and given a new retirement identity by the Empire). So that Story will have to wait until Rogue Three aka episode 5.5…

  12. Please make better use of Donnie Yen than TFA did with The Raid guys and Gwendoline Christie.

    Love the casting for Mon Mothma. She was a good choice in Sith, and she’s great in this one.

  13. And, just in case you haven’t you should really watch the followup, with Mark Hamill!

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