Roll Over R2-D2 and Tell Kenobi The News

Puppies need a break after a long day working the Hugos. What could be more fun than play-testing the latest Star Wars themed toy?

BB-8 is science fiction’s newest small, cute robot, and Gizmodo’s “Toyland” delivers an in-depth review.

It wasn’t until Star Wars Celebration, back in April, when a sassy real-life version of BB-8 came rolling out on stage, that everyone realized that R2-D2 was about to face some stiff competition. For The Force Awakens, BB-8 was brought to life using on-set puppeteers and visual effects. But for real-life appearances, the film’s special effects team was actually able to build a fully-functional BB-8 that could be controlled remotely off-stage…

When paired with an app running on your smartphone or tablet, BB-8 can autonomously explore your home, perform a series of pre-programmed movements, and even respond to voice commands. But at any time you can also grab a set of on-screen controls and send BB-8 rolling and exploring wherever you want.

With a price tag of $150 Sphero’s BB-8 is one of the most expensive Star Wars toys to hit store shelves this weekend, but there’s little doubt this tiny droid is going to be a huge hit leading up to the movie’s release this December.

Much more info at Toyland.

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the story.]

11 thoughts on “Roll Over R2-D2 and Tell Kenobi The News

  1. That is awesome. I would get one for my puppy but I’m afraid I would soon have one hundred fifty $1 pieces of droid-toy scattered around the yard.

  2. I got in trouble with another FB poster who shared this link by asking (with tongue firmly in cheek) where the hamster was. He called me a troll and I think unfriended me. *sigh* The internet can be an unforgiving hitch.

  3. It’s all fun and games until someone bites the head/pees on it.

    Or maybe that’s just MY dogs. O.o

  4. snowcrash –

    Woohoo, apparently hasbro has a cheaper, larger version!

    Oh man…so tempted. Worried though that I’ll buy it and then the thing movie will come out and the character will just be super annoying. I don’t want to end up with an RC Jar-Jar.

  5. Went to Disney Store #1, which is across the street from my office. The clerk said that BB sold out in 20 minutes.

  6. I think it’s a good thing that they were sold out when we stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond earlier, or I’d be tormenting the cats right now.

  7. @TexasReed Some people just are humorless gits.

    When episode 3 came out, I posted on a nerd list “When does the Sequel come out?” You would be staggered (well, maybe..) by the response. I finally posted “Oh, you mean the Star Wars movie I stood in line to see when I was 18? That’s the sequel?”.

    Keep banging the rocks together..

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