Rotsler Award Exhibit at Worldcon 75

Photographer Eric Wong granted John Hertz’ wish to see how his Rotsler Award exhibit was displayed at Worldcon 75.

The exhibit took a circuitous route to Helsinki, the banners rolled in a mailing tube and delivered by Hertz at Westercon to Seth Breidbart for relay at NASFiC to Worldcon Vice-Chair Colette Frozard; she to give to W75 Exhibits Deputy Div. Head Terry Neill.

John adds, “Rick Kovalcik of Boston helped arrange by E-mail.  He and I co-wrote an explanation of putting up the banners, and a request they not be confined to the Fanzine Lounge but placed where everyone could see them, as was done at MAC 2.”

The last leg of the exhibit’s journey will be when Chris Marble brings the banners home.

5 thoughts on “Rotsler Award Exhibit at Worldcon 75

  1. Located in the fan lounge, just above the table for freebies, ads and things on sale for the fan fund. Hard to miss.

  2. John Hertz sends this comment by carrier pigeon.

    Thanks! Hurrah! Looks great!

    Who took these swell photos?

    Credit where credit is due. Rivers of gratitude to Elizabeth Klein-Lebbink and her husband Jerome Scott. She did the splendid banners for the Chicon VII exhibit in honor and memory of Diane & Leo Dillon; she made these Rotsler Award banners with me at her side like Dick Seaton next to Rovol in Skylark Three. Jerome helped greatly.

    The Ditmar banner seems not to have arrived. We had it in the Loscon XLIII Art Show. He was the 2016 winner. The Rotsler is presented at Loscon (it’s sponsored by SCIFI, which is not the entity that produces Loscon, but these are deep waters, Watson).

    I’ll try to learn what happened to the Ditmar banner.

    We certainly expect to have a full display, including the 2017 winner (not yet determined), at Worldcon 76 – and how ’bout that gavel hand-off?

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