Saint Arbor Crafts Bradbury House Bookends

gI_90215_Saint%20Arbor%20Ray%20Bradbury%20451%20BookendsSalvaged wood from Ray Bradbury’s home, demolished in January, will find new life as 451 sets of bookends. Information on how to order them will be posted later today.

The bookends were manufactured by Saint Arbor, a Los Angeles, California based custom furniture company that creates handcrafted pieces from repurposed wood. The company works closely with non-profit organizations to preserve materials from demolished homes in and around Los Angeles — in this case, The ReUse People, who handled the salvaging work on the house.

The Bradbury 451 bookends began production with full support of the Bradbury family in early June. Each set will be branded with a series number from 1/451 to 451/451 as well as the icon “451 F” to commemorate the best-selling book. Also included will be a certificate of authenticity and thank you letter from The ReUse People.

Jon-Ryan Riggins, the owner of Saint Arbor said of the restoration project, “As of now, the public believes that the house went to a landfill. We want people to know that the material was salvaged and we’re taking great care to preserve it. It’s an honor for Saint Arbor. Mr. Bradbury lived in this home for 50 years and wrote some of his greatest works there. We think it should be remembered well.”

With a minimalist philosophy Saint Arbor creates handcrafted reclaimed wood furniture for both home and commercial use. Adept in the creation and design of custom furniture from salvaged materials, the company has created bespoke repurposed furniture in downtown Los Angeles for two years. In addition to giving new life to salvaged American lumber, the company plants ten trees for every piece of custom furniture they make. To date the young company has planted 7,000 trees.

7 thoughts on “Saint Arbor Crafts Bradbury House Bookends

  1. Is it evil of me to have an all-consuming lust for one of the sets that scares the heck out of me with its intensity! Bradbury!!!!!! And what an incredible company.

    *wants my preciousssssssssssss*

  2. Mike, will order info be posted in a separate post, or added to this one? I’ve been stalking this ever since you first posted about it in April. Signed up for their newsletter as directed on their site and never heard anything.

    ::refreshes page obsessively::

  3. Christie: Their email blast will go out tomorrow to those who have signed up along with the order link, I hope.

  4. Christie: The advantage of your looking at File770 is that you now know what to expect. p.s. Those are my books in the photo that Mike has not posted yet.

  5. I would love to have a set, but I’m quite sure they will be out of my financial reach, will be gobbled up before I even have the word they are available, and will end up just a memory. What a wonderful idea this is.

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