Salmonson Weds

Rhonda Boothe and Jessica Amanda Salomonson were married on December 9. A number of gay couples were joined in the ceremony at Heronswood Gardens near Kingston on Puget Sound, at the invitation of the S’Klallam Tribe.

Salmonson has been active in the sf publishing field for decades, noted in part for a 1980 World Fantasy Award  for best collection, Amazons! and a Lambda Literary Award in 1989 for Lesbian Science Fiction/Fantasy, What Did Miss Darrington See?: An Anthology of Feminist Supernatural Fiction.

Boothe and Salmonson also run Aunt Violet’s Book Museum.

3 thoughts on “Salmonson Weds

  1. It was a wonderful and weird ceremony (with vows taken from the wedding of Tiny Tim and Miss Vicki), which seemed appropriate for a devotee of wonderful and weird fiction like Jessica. And I echo Robert’s blessing on the two of them. These are happy days.

    (By the way, the tribe is the S’Klallam, with one more L, in case you’re going to run this notice elsewhere too.)

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