San Jose Ready To Process Presupporter Conversions

Worldcon 76 chair Kevin Roche told Facebook readers they have squared away online registration:

Registration is open again! Apparently switching to “radio buttons” on the first page of the form was the problem, so we’ve gone back to the drop-down menu version.

We anticipate starting sending the access codes for voter conversion later today.

6 thoughts on “San Jose Ready To Process Presupporter Conversions

  1. I got my email with access code and registered as a supporting member. That weekend is the weekend school starts, so I doubt I will be able to spend more than the Saturday at the con, and that’s with a 6 hour drive there and back.

  2. I have received my “voted-in-site-selection” email and am now officially registered as a supporting member. I should note that although the website said there was a checkbox to allow my name to be printed as a member, no such checkbox was visible. (Windows 7 with Chrome, in case any San Jose webmasters are monitoring this thread.) I sent a separate email authorizing them to list my name as a member.

  3. I have received an update that the checkboxes are now visible “thanks to a sharp-eyed member”. I’m not all that sharp-eyed, but the bifocals help…. <grin>

    You’re welcome!

  4. @Cassy B:

    Worldcon 76 has posted an update on their Facebook page:

    Well that’s embarassing: if you are one of the 30 people who’ve already responded to our voter-conversion email, and you *did not* see questions about listing your name in directories, or about your special interests at the convention, it means part of the form was not displaying.

    It is now fixed, so you can use the password you set during registration to update those answers.

    Note that we are doing an opt-in directory, so if you want to be listed on the website and publications you need to actually check the box next to those (regrettably temporarily hidden) questions.

    We’ve sent a followup email to everyone who registered during that initial rush of response.

    I filled the form just now and can confirm that the checkboxes are visible.

    (ETA: Ninja’d by Cassy B)

  5. Cassy B saves the day! Filers are mighty.

    I didn’t have any troubles; I (blushes) didn’t pre-support (except morally), and had a friend buy me an Attending membership at MACII as soon as the vote was announced.

    Glad everything’s worked out now. Hope to see a bunch of you there.

  6. Yeah, I tried to upgrade via XP/IE 11 as soon as I got my e-mail with reg code, and had the same problem, so I e-mailed KR.

    I did get a notification a couple of hours later to go check my info, and was able to fix it then.

    Note that making an upgrade payment does not automatically change your membership type, you have to do that manually with a dropdown on your personal information page. It will be interesting to see how they align that with actual membership payments.

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