Sanderson Endorses Spokane

With little more than 24 hours remaining to vote for the site of the 2015 Worldcon Brandon Sanderson’s endorsement of Spokane may not have a great impact on the race but I’m sure the bidders are happy to have it just the same.

Sanderson wrote in his blog on August 29 —

I had the pleasure of being Guest of Honor a few weeks back at SpoCon, a sf/fantasy convention in Spokane, Washington…

Since I was just hosted by these people, I think I’m in a unique position to give them—and their Worldcon bid—a shout-out. The guest liaison team was top-notch, and the entire convention was extremely well organized. I was surprised by how pretty Spokane was this time of year to boot.

If anyone is debating where to put their vote for Worldcon, let me nudge you toward Spokane