Sasquan Hits 9000 Members

Sasquan reached the 9,000 membership mark going into Memorial Day Weekend.

As of May 22 the 2015 Worldcon had 3,688 attending and 4,952 supporting members.

A $40 supporting membership is the minimum requirement to become eligible as a voter in 2017 site selection or to vote on the winners of the Hugo Awards.

Sasquan has sold 3,187 supporting memberships since January 31.

Here is how the new totals compare with the figures on May 6:

Sasquan Total Members
5/6/2015 8,510
5/22/2015 9,000
Increase    490


Adult Attending Members
5/6/2015 3,590
5/22/2015 3,688
Increase     98


Supporting Members
5/6/2015 4,581
5/22/2015 4,952
Increase    371


8 thoughts on “Sasquan Hits 9000 Members

  1. Noooooo! I was too late… to post that. Oh well, there will be other useable internet memes.

  2. Robert Whitaker Sirignano on May 25, 2015 at 9:25 am said:

    I’m kind of sorry I’ll be missing this con as the possibilities are abundant: fistfights, bomb threats, fire alarms…or it could be surprisingly civil.

    Wow. I do not find that even remotely funny.

  3. Peace: there is a bit of anger about this situation. I expect it to be civil, but tense.
    The only real off the wall situation I was at was when Ted White got a pie in his face. But that was long long ago.

  4. Glen: Martin wasn’t *really* expressing disbelief, he was just enjoying linking to that particular video clip. If you didn’t follow that link, do so, and you’ll understand why he wrote what he wrote.

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