Sasquan Masquerade Discs Ready

Syd Weinstein announces he has finished work on the Sasquan Masquerade recording. You can order it here, in either of the two common formats.

Sasquan Masquerade – Available in Blu-Ray or DVD version

The Masquerade disc contains all of the presentations, including the young fans, as well as the awards and the Tom Smith half time concert for over three hours of content. The presentations and the awards have been edited to add more views, stills, and complete credits for each costume.

The Blu-Ray version is NTSC 1080i High Definition as recorded on-site. The DVD version is a down convert to standard definition. Combo Packs include the DVD and the Blu-Ray copy.

He is also working on a Hugo Awards Ceremony DVD.

Information about pricing, shipping, and combo deals are available at his website.

3 thoughts on “Sasquan Masquerade Discs Ready

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  2. August, I think you posted in the wrong thread. You wanted Pixel Scroll 2/18/16 Pixel Bell Rock.

  3. I did, yeah. I clicked the wrong link for some reason and didn’t notice until it was too late to edit. I reposted it there.

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