13 thoughts on “Sasquan Program Now Online

  1. I’ve been looking through it and the program seems pretty thin for a worldcon with hardly any panels; not only fewer than NorWesCon, but fewer than Boskone. Possibly this was dictated by the convention center rooms.

  2. What I’d like to see is a .csv . It’s a lovely website and a delightful theme but since I’m not attending, I’m not going to slog through it. Do they have a .csv or spreadsheet somewhere? Am I just too dense to find it, or are flat-file databases too low tech?

  3. iamnothing – Really? I haven’t been to a big con in decades, but the schedule looks amazing to me. Really regretting that I won’t be able to go!

  4. Very unimaginative programming… Lots of films, lots of generic panels. No real sense of using Worldcon as a place to have important discussions.

  5. “Important discussions” always involve someone beating you over the head with their political beliefs. They don’t really contribute to a fun weekend.

  6. Jonathan M:

    Very unimaginative programming… Lots of films

    This piques my curiosity, as I’m always interested in what people to conceive Worldcon to fundamentally be for. So I’m asking this because I genuinely want to know, not to beat you up: Is your contention that there should be zero films, and if so, why, or is there an ideal size that the film program should be, or is Sasquan just showing the wrong kind of films?

  7. CaseyL and ULTRAGOTHA: I’m speaking mainly about panels. But now I’ve looked at Thursday and Friday, and they seem a bit better (although still no more panels than Boskone). But certainly the Wednesday program is very thin.

  8. OK, I’ve found some “hot spots” when they do have more than Boskone, such as Friday 11:00.

  9. But certainly the Wednesday program is very thin.

    Speaking as someone who’s been a panel member at cons a lot: No one seems to want their panel scheduled for when people haven’t finished arriving and figuring out the lay of the land yet.

    That, plus the fact that the con doesn’t officially open ’til noon, may be why there are 24 panels and 19 readings Wednesday, a bunch of them “welcome” or “how-to” panels related to con activity, compared with 71 panels and 37 readings Thursday.

    To finish the list:

    Friday: 66 panels, 45 readings
    Saturday: 55 panels, 37 readings
    Sunday: 27 panels, 22 readings*

    This doesn’t count meetups, kaffeeklatsches, film/audio, signings, etc. Just stuff identified as a panel or reading.

    *another short day, plus people generally prefer not to do panels when the audience (including, often, themselves) are headed for the exits.

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