Sci Fi Network Name Change Coming?

Bonnie Hammer, the President of NBC Universal Cable Entertainment, which oversees the Sci Fi Channel, does not get many love letters from the blogosphere. Many of the fans criticizing Sci Fi for diluting its science fiction content lay the blame at her doorstep.

Just yesterday I read an experienced advertising professional repeat that complaint. He also explicitly predicted that Sci Fi will change its name to something else in 2009.

Three months ago, when asked about such a plan by a New York Times reporter, the President of Sci Fi denied a name change is coming:

A frequent discussion at NBC Universal is whether to water it down even more and do away with the “Sci Fi” name altogether. Among the new names that have been considered are “SCF” and “The Imagination Channel.”

“We always come back to, we are not going to change the name because with the fragmentation of media, there’s a real advantage of having that signpost,” said Mr. [Dave]Howe [President of Sci Fi]. “We just have to manage the downside.”

Time will tell.

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