Sci-Fi Roundup for November 17

Compiled by Carl Slaughter: (1) Animated DC.

(2) Batman:  Gotham by Gaslight

(3) Warner will micromanage DC films“Warner Bros. Is Making This Important Change to the DC Film Universe” at CheatSheet.

With an amazing line-up on The CW which includes Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, as well as Gotham slaying over on Fox, DC Entertainment is doing big things on television. With so many astounding and long-running shows, they even seem to be giving Marvel a run for their money on the small screen. However, when it comes to films, the DC Extended Universe is floundering a bit with both audiences and critics.

(4) Justice League runtime“The Relatively Short Runtime Of ‘Justice League’ Was Mandated By Warner Brothers’ CEO”.

Another element that Warner Brothers is looking to implement is a tighter runtime. Part of the problem with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice was the bloated 151-minute runtime (and, to be fair, even Wonder Woman could have trimmed some of the fat of the third act), so Justice League will run at a relatively tidy 121 minutes instead and be the shortest DC film to date. According to the Wall Street Journal, this was a mandate from the Warner higher-ups, with CEO Kevin Tsujihara requesting that the film clock in at under two hours.

(5) TMNT video game.

(6) 15,000,000 Stranger viewers“Over 15 Million watched the ‘Stranger Things 2’ premiere by its third day on Netflix”.

Netflix definitely has a hit show on its hands with the recent release of Stranger Things 2. According to new data this week from Nielsen, which only recently began measuring subscription video on demand services, 361,000 viewers binged their way through the entire second season of Stranger Things 2 – that’s 9 straight episodes – within the first day it was available.

(7) Channel your Stranger appetite to this Netflix show “Already Missing Stranger Things? Your Next Netflix Obsession Is Coming”.

If you’re like us, you probably finished the second season of Stranger Things, which may mean you’re looking for other ways to pass the time. Luckily, Netflix has released a trailer for a new, spooky, sinister, and dark original series called, well, Dark.


(8) Go fishing 33 times.

(9) Netflix writes Marvel a Dear John letter “No more Marvel TV shows for Netflix”.

The era of TV shows on Netflix based on Marvel characters is over, following news that Disney is ramping up its plans for its own streaming service.

Netflix has produced a raft of shows in the Marvel universe, including ‘Daredevil’, ‘Luke Cage’, ‘Iron Fist’, ‘Jessica Jones’ and ‘The Defenders’, with a TV version of ‘The Punisher’ still to come.

But that looks set to change.

(10) Netflix:  Let there be comic book adaptations  –  and let us own the comic book company. “Netflix’s comic books are a preview of potential franchises”

Netflix recently announced its first-ever acquisition: Millarworld. The company was built by successful comics creator Mark Millar, known for works that easily translate to cinema. The movies Wanted, Kick-Ass and Kingsman are all based on his graphic novels. Netflix said in its press release that it acquired Millar’s company to secure his current and future content to adapt into movies and shows for the streaming service. But it looks like Millar and his idea-generating company won’t just be pitching concepts from behind closed doors. Instead, he’ll be trying them out where he gained fame: In comics.

(11) Punisher actors by rank “Ranking ‘The Punisher’ Actors: From the Worst to the Best”.

The first film adaptation of The Punisher is also the worst depending on who you ask. Released in 1989, the film stars Dolph Lundgren as the Punisher and catches up with him five years into his crusade which has overseen the death of 125 criminals and weakened all of the mob families. But his work backfires when a brutal Japanese mafia threatens his plans by kidnapping the children of mobsters in an attempt to unite all the crime families.

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  1. I thought they’d already done Death of Superman as Superman: Doomsday (though they cut back on the number of contenders in the Reign of the Supermen – no Clone Superboy, No Hector Hall/Cyborg, No planned invasion by Mongol, and I believe the antagonist was Eradicator, with some elements of Clone Supergirl involved, in the sense that he was a Luthor-made clone of Superman who went rogue.

  2. Netflix writes Marvel a Dear John letter — “No more Marvel TV shows for Netflix”.

    What the article describes isn’t Netflix writing Marvel a Dear John letter, but Marvel (or rather, Disney) writing Netflix one.

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