Sci-Fi Roundup for November 28

Compiled by Carl Slaughter: (1) Vandalization of Star Trek

(2) We now know Ash is Voq, but these super fans compiled plenty of evidence before the big reveal.

(3) Discovery is Section 31

(4) Everything Wrong with the Wonder Woman movie

(5) Thor deleted scenes

(6) Green Lantern versus Batman

(7) Klingon nonsense: ScreenRant’s list “Star Trek: 15 Things That Make No Sense About Klingons” starts with forehead bumps.

Thank you Star Trek for giving us Klingons: the original TV bad guys in space who ultimately became good guys. Thy’re also the butt of so many jokes, now and in the fictional future.

Klingons are true alien icons; a mysterious race with rich traditions, a guttural language which is taught on earth in real life – even though they don’t actually… exist – and a whole lot of really odd narrative inconsistencies. When Gene Roddenberry first came up with the empirical nemesis to Starfleet’s interplanetary do-goodery, he probably had no idea that Klingon mythology would blow up into a sub-cultural mini-movement, inspiring everything from group cosplay to a staged production of Shakespeare in Klingonese.

Over the course of hundreds of TV episodes and movies, that extraterrestrial lore got very confused.

(8) Top 10 Marvel Heroes and Villains You Will Never See in the MCU

(9) Most of these are probably not your favorite Marvel characters.  But Marvel has an obligation to the fans to maintain continuity.  Don’t leave us hanging, Stan.

(10) 10 times Marvel lost their damn minds

(11) 10 Most Inappropriate Comics Storylines Of All Time

(12) Superhero commercials

(13) Storm Trooper paradox

(14) Social order revealed in Wall-E

(15) Stranger Things Cast Answer the Web’s Most Searched Questions

(16) Suppose a technologically advanced alien race is 65,000,000 light years from Earth.  Are they taking pictures of dinosaurs?

3 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Roundup for November 28

  1. Oh wow, the first video, “The Vandalization of Star Trek,” annoys the heck out of me, even though I’m no fan of Discovery.

    Three minutes into it, it seems a huge list of complaints about “canon inconsistency,” dissing writers he doesn’t know for “not knowing the franchise well enough”. Framing this as “focusing on writing issues” is pretty sad (because OMG it is not as though DISCO is lacking for real writing issues).

  2. (2) We now know Ash is Voq, but these super fans compiled plenty of evidence before the big reveal.

    There was a big reveal? Where was the big reveal revealed? I don’t think I missed an episode.

  3. @Mister Dalliard: You’re right, there wasn’t one; that text is in error.
    S01E09 has strong support for the theory, in its last scene with Tyler, but it isn’t confirmed.
    (Still, even as much as we did get in that scene is *pretty strong* support, and literally our first explicit hint at a theory some viewers have been supporting since literally within a day of Tyler’s first appearance. Kudos to those viewers ?)

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