Sci-Fi Video and Link Roundup

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) New animated Disney Spider-Man series featurette

(2) Game of Thrones featurette

(3) Defenders featurette

(4) Inhumans featurette

(5) Lannister featurette

Twenty more items follow the jump.

(6) Guardians 2 post credits scenes explained

(7) Deleted scenes, shelved concepts, etc from Guardians 2

(8) Defenders mini clip

(9) 10 things Marvel wants you to forget about Daredevil

(10) Roel Renie / Inhumans interview

(11) Why the Dark Knight Joker is the best villain

(12) Why Thor is Marvel’s best movie, and why the Loki character is wasted in other Marvel movies.

(13) Han Solo’s death scene

(14) “Battle of the Bastards” and “Loot Train” contain 2 of Game of Throne most famous battle scenes.  But “Battle of Blackwater” remains the episode that relies on character rather than spectacle.

(15) Steven Moffat is the showrunner for the sci fi television shows Doctor Who and Sherlock.  (Yes, Sherlock is sci fi, because Holmes is a superhero.)  But regardless of his Hugo awards, not everyone is impressed with Moffat.  This essay makes the case that both shows suffer from ‘listen to me tell you how clever’ I am instead of ‘watch me show you how clever I am’.  In other words, both shows are a personality cult rather than an adventure series.

(16) Russell Davies versus Steven Moffat, Doctor Who caught in the middle

(17) Arya character breaks bad

(18) SJW versus Marvel

(19) Editing is Everything demonstrates how The Incredibles can be portrayed as different genres:  superhero, horror, drama, noir, teen drama, XXX, Michael Bay

(20) Groot scenes

(21) Worst animated superhero TV shows

(22) Josh Brolin / Cable photos

(23) Marvel versus Fox, Fantastic 4 caught in the middle

(24) How Cersei’s “Good” News May Finally Turn Her Into the Mad Queen

(25) A scientific explanation for the new Klingon look in “Discovery”




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