Sci-Fi Video Roundup for August 13

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Star Trek production insider Marc Scott Zicree provides background on a Sulu episode-series miss-hit-miss efforts. “World Enough and Time” went on to be nominated for the Hugo and the Nebula.

(2) James Doohan’s son Chris plays Scotty in the Star Trek Continues fan produced television series.  In this video, Doohan has it out with the set’s vocal coach.

(3) Picard versus Sisko

(4) Book versus show:  best and worst changes of Game of Thrones.

(5) Behind the scenes of the Game of Thrones episode with the most dragon action yet.

(6) Jamie Lannister: Game of Thrones’ most conflicted character

(7) Secrets of the Citadel explains the cave paintings:

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(8) Jamie Lannister:  an unfinished life

(9) Jamie’s worst fear

(10) Arya’s 2 contrasting meals

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(11) Dany verus Jon

(12) Bran is the closest thing “Game of Thrones” has to a superhero

(13) Star Gate Star Marionette scene

(14) Star Gate Star Trek/Farscape scenes

(15) Star Gate zombie scene

(16) Every Stephen King movie that connects to The Dark Tower

(17) 7 worst Stephen King screen adaptations

(18) Why the Dark Tower screen adaptation failed

(19) Dark Tower reviews

(20) Upcoming Marvel Projects That Will Get You Pumped

(21) Why Every Gamer And Movie Fan Is Excited For October 27

(22) Jodie Whittaker BBC interview

(23) Why We Never Got To See A District 9 Sequel

(24) Most expensive sci-fi movies

(25) 10 Superhero Movies Scenes That Saved The Movie