Sci-Fi Video Trek

Curated by Carl Slaughter: (1) Brent Spiner on how the ST:TNG cast broke Patrick Stewart

(2) Star Trek Discovery’s $125,000,000 budget

(3) Star Trek universe chronology

(4) Wrath of Khan  –  theatrical versus director’s cut

(5) Kirstie Alley on why she didn’t play Saavik in Star Trek 3

(6) Game of Thrones lost steam in the third act of the series

(7) Game of Thrones featurette

(8) Game of Thrones, season 7, all deleted scenes

(8) SPOILER. A Game of Thrones spoiler follows the jump —

The End:  A blue eyed zombie king rides a blued zombie dragon.  The dragon breathes blue flame on The Wall and Game of Thrones enters a new era.


(9) George R.R. Martin interview

(10) George R.R. Martin feature

(11) Defenders, assemble!

(12) Inhumans featurette

(13) Galaxy Quest  –  deleted scenes