13 thoughts on “Sci-Fi with Marionettes

  1. @andyl: Supercar was either a bit before my time or before we had a TV. Stingray was the first to be made in colour though, and also is claimed to be the first ever programme globally to use a pre-opening-credits action teaser.

  2. The new Thunderbirds, titled “Thunderbirds Are Go” though not to be confused with the Supermarionation feature film of the same name, is either OK but not great or I’m too old this time round.

    There’s also two series of CGI Captain Scarlet from 2005 which I quite enjoyed at the time.

  3. Do the Eagles count? I’m pretty sure you can see the strings sometimes…

    (Comet has started showing Space: 1999. Can you tell?)

  4. You’re also missing Four Feather Falls!

    @Anthony — I bounced off the pilot for the new Thunderbirds Are Go! until I realized that ALL the sets and vehicles were model work, and only the characters and some of the post-production effects were CGI.

    They even found the correct citrus juicer to mount on the wall of the Thunderbird 1 launch bay. The crew building it appear to have a deep and abiding love for the old series, and it shows.

  5. And the potential new title Firestorm (filmed in “ultramarionation”) is showing a lot of promise…
    I backed the Kickstarter for their mini-pilot about three years ago, and it finally landed a few weeks back; the official world premiere is happening at the UK ComicCon at the end of October.

  6. My favorite part of the 1966 “Thunderbirds Are Go!” movie is the dream sequence for poor left-behind Alan, who fantasizes about a nightclub in outer space, where he sees a performance by famous-in-Britain Cliff Richards and the Shadows — portrayed, like everyone else in the movie, by puppets. Celebrity puppets are definitely the way to go, and cheaper than meat celebrities.

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