Science Friction

“An ancient Egyptian statue appears to have started moving on its own, much to the amazement of scientists and museum curators,” begins the NBC news story.

The 10-inch statue, kept in a locked glass case in the Manchester Museum, has been captured on video slowly turning counter-clockwise during the day.

Oddly, the statue turns 180 degrees to face backward, then turns no more. This led some observers to wonder if the statue moves to show visitors the inscription on its back, which asks for sacrificial offerings “consisting of bread, beer, oxen and fowl.”

The news item is full of scientific head-scratching and quotes from curators about their favorite theories. Maybe magnetic attraction? Maybe differential friction caused by tourists’ footsteps? 

“Ray Bradbury would have loved this…and made it into a great story,” writes John King Tarpinian.



3 thoughts on “Science Friction

  1. Maybe vibrations causing it to creep slowly around it’s center of gravity as it sits on the shelf? Why now, though? That’s harder to say. Somebody moved a filing cabinet and that affects how vibrations propagate through the floor, or something like that, perhaps? In any case, the world is wacky and wonderful. Now and then, when I wash dishes, one of those I just finished will scoot across the counter entirely of its own volition. It used to bug hell out of me. I don’t mean just a millimeter or two, but three, four or five inches at a time. Sometimes more than once. What was it? Ghosts? Poltergeists? How about warm air? Yup. As far as I can figure out, the dish is hot and if it has a slight concavity underneath, it will warm the air trapped there and the warm air will levitate the dish!

  2. What, not Sinus Friction? And you a certified Herbangelist Saint! For shame!

    As penance you have to write the profane phrase “Si Fri” on the blackboard one hundred times.

  3. I think to answer the question, we need to know the material the statue made of dimension of the statue including the weight and which direction the statue facing before and facing after move North , West, South or East…its try to say something or magnetic vibration.

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