Science: Improbable, Mythical, Unexpected

Compiled by Carl Slaughter:

  • 10 things that happen in movies that are scientifically improbable

  • Space myths: Astronaut Chris Hadfield

  • Sex on Mars

From Business Insider: “Having sex and reproducing in space comes with serious scientific and ethical problems.”

Being on Mars wouldn’t be exactly like being on the International Space Station, which is where most of this information comes from. But Mars still only has about 38% of the gravity we experience on Earth.

We don’t know how these changes would affect reproductive cells, fertilization, embryonic development, the developing fetus, or growing children.

It’s possible that children born and raised on Mars might have an easier time adapting to the requirements of life there, since it would be the world they would grow up in. But what those adaptations would look like are anyone’s guess.

  • 21 minutes into this video, Michio Kaku explains how sci fi technology enabled Hawking to speak and write.

  • Big Bang Theory

The thesis of this video is that The Big Bang Theory uses reference to science for humor instead of using science itself.  The real humor is in poking fun at characters who make absurd use of science.