Searches That Bring People To File 770

WordPress tracks search terms that deliver hits to this blog and I have to say the connection is not always obvious to me. Today’s winning entry in that line is —

  • why did william shatner notwearunderwear in star trek

That it registered here means someone found a promising item and clicked through. And if I want to know what they hit I could repeat the search myself. Except I’d hate to discover I really did write about this at some point. I’d prefer to think I never have…

8 thoughts on “Searches That Bring People To File 770

  1. Why did Mike Glyer not wear underwear in File 770? I’ve always wondered. Well, actually I haven’t but I’m sure Google would be interested. Search away, fans! Search away!

  2. … which leads to the obvious question: “Did David Langford wear underwear in Ansible?”


    Everything I said in my comments to that item is still true. The 4th Amendment is still shredded to tatters, thefts from luggage are still routine, the singling out of individuals for the sake of spite, fame, T-shirt, book, or other irrelevant reasons still takes place, the ignorance of TSA agents (who recently detained someone because they thought he was smuggling “bitcoins” (which have no physical actuality) remains, they still have never caught someone with legally provable ill intent, and they still publish lies about their “successes” in their public relations — their official weblog would be laughable in its deliberate 1984-style Newspeak if the agency weren’t bankrupting the nation while abusing its citizens.

  4. There are various third-party freeware blog metering software that will tell you the search terms used in each search engine hit. They were always very amusing.

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