See Ghost Train At Covent Garden in March

Ghost Train final posterThe Ghost Train Doesn’t Stop Here Any More takes inspiration from the horror portmanteau movies of the past like Tales from the Crypt and Doctor Terror’s House of Horrors

Five passengers meet on a train and agree to tell each other monstrous stories of possession, hauntings, devilry and science gone wrong. Each tale is inspired by a classic monster: vampire, ghost, Frankenstein, the Devil, mummy, ventriloquist’s doll. Each actor plays multiple roles within the tales, and as is traditional in the form, the framing story builds to a suitably macabre climax.

The play features segments written by authors Christopher Fowler, Stephen Gallagher, Kim Newman, Robert Shearman, Lynda E. Rucker and Lisa Tuttle, alongside a wraparound story by director Sean Hogan. It will begin a run of 12 performances at Tristan Bates Theatre in London on March 7.

“I am super excited about this,” says James Bacon, who saw another production by the creators, The Hallowe’en Sessions, and gave it a glowing review on the Forbidden Planet blog. “I attended the Halloween Sessions and it was a fabulous selection of vignette plays that worked beautifully together. The writers involved here are stunning.”

[Poster by Graham Humphreys.]