Self-Published Science Fiction Competition 3 Won by Dave Dobson

Dave Dobson’s novel Kenai is the winner of the third Self-Published Science Fiction Competition.

The Self-Published Science Fiction Competition, created by Hugh Howey and Duncan Swan, is modeled after Mark Lawrence’s Self-Published Fantasy Blog-Off, and has his blessing. The contest started with 300 novels and ten teams of book bloggers who read and scored the books through several elimination rounds.

Tar Vol On reviewer “Dave” summed up the winner’s virtues:

I found “Kenai” to be a captivating sci-fi adventure that offers a fresh perspective on the genre. Dobson’s skillful storytelling, coupled with the compelling character of Jess Amiko, makes for an engaging read that will appeal to fans of speculative science fiction. While suspension of disbelief is required, the immersive alien world and thought-provoking themes make “Kenai” a standout novel deserving of 5 stars.

Dave Dobson tweeted this acceptance: “I am speechless, and honored, and so grateful to all the judges who ran the contest and all the authors who put their work and their hopes on the line.”


Tim Hawken’s Thrill Switch was named the runner-up.


Three Grams of Elsewhere by Andy Giesler


Gold Record: Memoirs of a Synth by Leigh Saunders


Children of the Black by W J Long III


Dark Theory by Wick Welker

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3 thoughts on “Self-Published Science Fiction Competition 3 Won by Dave Dobson

  1. KENAI sounds like an interesting book, and I try to support writers, trad and self-pub alike, but…

    … it’s another Amazon-only book, so I won’t be purchasing it. Going to my grave on this hill. My single non-purchase won’t amount to much*, but always going to believe that in the long run, “going wide” is better for writers.

    *Old man shouting at the cloud?

    • We have a cloud left over from the other day I didn’t shout at, so it’s all yours.
  2. … it’s another Amazon-only book, so I won’t be purchasing it.

    As a SPSFC volunteer for all three contests I hear this from people — particularly on Mastodon — and I can understand why people are taking this stand. But it is difficult for self-published authors to escape Amazon’s locked trunk. If you need the income that Kindle Unlimited provides, you can’t distribute your ebook anywhere else. Amazon requires exclusivity.

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