Self-Published SF Competition 2021 — All 30 Semifinalists

Ten teams of judges have picked these titles to advance to the semifinals of the Self-Published Science Fiction Competition. Congratulations to the authors!

Team Tar Val on

Dusk Mountain BluesDeston J. Munden
Gates of MarsKathleen McFall and Mark Hays
The Last ShadowJ.D. Robinson

Team Fantasy Faction

Captain WuPatrice Fitzgerald and Jack Lyster
Monster of the DarkK.T. Belt
What Branches GrowT.S. Beier

Team At Boundary’s Edge

DarosDave Dobson
DestroyerBrian G. Turner
Mazarin BluesAl Hess

Team Red Stars

Dog CountryMalcom F. Cross
Of Cinder and BoneKyoko M
Age of OrderJulian North

Team Book Invasion

ConvergenceMichael Patrick Hicks
Life on Planet EarthAndy Gorman
Broken AscensionDave Walsh

Team FanFi Addict

In Orbit of SirensT.A. Bruno
Dead StarSimon Kewin
Zero Day ThreatRuth Olson

Team 7 / Fantasy Book Critic

Iron TruthS.A. Tholin
Steel GuardianCameron Coral
ARVektCraig Lea Gordon

Team File 770

Lost SolaceKarl Drinkwater
A Touch of DeathRebecca Crunden
The Hammond ConjectureM.B. Reed

Team Meteor

All the Whys of Delilah’s DemiseNeve Maslakovic
ResistanceMikhaeyla Kopievsky
Shadows of MarsI.O. Adler

Team Space Lasagna

A Star Named VegaBen Roberts
Duckett and Dyer: Dicks for HireG.M. Nair
The Dinosaur FourGeoff Jones

SPSFC art by Tithi LuadthongLogos designed by Scott (@book_invasion)

6 thoughts on “Self-Published SF Competition 2021 — All 30 Semifinalists

  1. I am excited to see who wins. I have enjoyed everything I have read from the semifinalists and winners of the SPFBO, so I have high hopes for this contest.

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