SFContario Announces Two-Year Hiatus

After people questioned its dormant social media and with just three weeks left before the con was schedule to begin, SFContario announced on Facebook today they have cancelled the 2018 con and will also skip 2019.

The main issue is money. Two issues affect us. Hotel rental has increased by more than 40% in Toronto since our first event in 2010. Membership numbers were below expectations last year, and we just don’t have cash in the bank to cover deposits this year. We need to recapitalize to come back to the convention scene.

They also say it has been a difficult year personally for some of the fans on the committee.

The con had been planned for November 16-18 in Toronto.

We also apologize to our community for the delay in announcing this news. We’ve tried for a while to find a workable solution to financial issues. After that, we faced difficulty getting our core committee together at the same time to have a conversation on how to proceed; this discussion really has only begun and we have a lot to work through.

…We are taking a hiatus of at least two years as we reorganize and plan for the future. It takes about eighteen months to plan a convention from scratch and we don’t see ourselves getting this sorted out by next spring.

They have offered to reimburse memberships on request, or roll them over to their next event.

7 thoughts on “SFContario Announces Two-Year Hiatus

  1. I’m very sorry to hear of this hiatus. I had a great time at SFContario in the past, both as a regular guest and last year as GOH. Fantastic people putting on a very enjoyable convention in an incredible city.

  2. I really enjoyed SFContario the times I went. Aside fom putting together a good program, they had a great hospitality suite, and it was a lot of fun just hanging out with people and talking.

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