SFWA Estates: Can You Help?

The SFWA Estates Page is the place for editors and publishers who want to reprint material by a deceased writer and need help seeking permissions.

Bud Webster, SFWA Estates Liaison, is circulating his latest list in hopes of finding the rights holders. New additions are marked with an asterisk. If you have an idea about any of these, please let him know. His e-mail is: budwebster (at) mindspring (dot) org:

Estates Needed

*Adams, Robert (Pamela Adams is either deceased or no longer available)
*Banks, L. A.
*Banks, Raymond E.
*Barnes, Arthur K.
Bass, T. J. (Thomas Joseph Bassler)
*Bates, Harry
*Bell, Eric Temple (John Taine)
Binder, Eando (Earl and Otto)
*Bok, Hannes
*Boule, Pierre
Browne, Howard
Carr, Jayge/Marj Krueger
Castell, Daphne
Clifton, Mark (possibly orphaned)
*Counselman, Mary Elizabeth
DeFord, Miriam Allen (Still working on a line for this one)
Eshbach, Lloyd Arthur
Fyfe, H. B.
Gallun, Raymond Z.
Geier, Chester
Gernsback, Hugo
*Gold, Horace L.
Gordon, Bernard
Gotschalk, Felix
Guin, Wyman
Gygax, Gary
Holly, J(oan). Hunter
Jones, Neil R.
Kapp, Colin
*Keller, David H.
*Keyes, Daniel
Maine, Charles Eric (David McIlwain)
Neville, Kris
Pavic, Milorad
Phillips, Rog
Rotsler, William
Smith, George H.
Smith, George O.
*Wandrei, Donald
Wells, Angus
West, Wallace
Williams, Robert Moore
Williams, Paul O.
Wolfe, Bernard

Webster notes, “I don’t have queries for all of these, but I want to be proactive and have them ready just in case.”

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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  1. Nobody at LASFS knows who is Bill Rotsler’s literary executor?

    If there is one, I would be very surprised indeed if nobody there knew who it is.

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