SFWA Searching for Estates

Bud Webster has updated the list of deceased writers whose estates he is trying to track down on behalf of SFWA’s Estate Project.

If you can help, contact — budwebster (at) mindspring (dot) com

Banks, Raymond E.
Barnes, Arthur K.
Bates, Harry
Binder, Eando (Earl and Otto)
Bok, Hannes
Boule, Pierre
Browne, Howard
Carr, Jayge/Mark Krueger
Castell, Daphne
Clifton, Mark
Castelll, Daphne
Clifton, Mark
Counselman, Mary Elizabeth
Fyfe, H. B.
Gallun, Raymond Z.
Geier, Chester
Gernsback, Hugo
Gordon, Bernard
Gotshalk, Felix
Guin, Wyman
Gygax, Gary
Holly, J(oan) Hunter
Hull, E. Mayne
Jones, D(ennis) F(eltham)
Jones, Neil R.
Kapp, Colin
Keller, David H.
Lymington, John (John Richard Newton Chance)
Maine, Charles Eric (David McIlwain)
McQuay, Mike
Neville, Kris
Pavic, Milorad
Phillips, Rog
Rotsler, William
Smith, Evelyn E.
Smith, George H.
Smith, George O.
Wells, Angus
West, Wallace
Williams, Paul O.
Wolfe, Bernard

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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  1. Perhaps someone with Bill Warren’s contact info could email Bud at the email address provided above? I suspect Bud would appreciate it.

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