Shamrokon Miscellany

Shamrokon, the 36th Eurocon, came to an end today in Dublin, the ”city that helped Bram Stoker work out how to describe what a vampire’s skin would look like”.

GUFF delegate and Tim Tam smuggler Gillian Polack said the candy was key to the success of the Shamrokon auction which raised “an extra 555 euros.”

Legendary Irish fanzine fan Thomas Ferguson handed out copies of Götterdämmerung Redux, the best writing from 11 issues of the Belfast SF fandom fanzine.

And throughout the weekend some of the bids campaigning at Shamrokon have been drawn into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. I’m not going to make an exhaustive list, but in my favorite two fans get the works — Helsinki in 2017 bidder Eemeli Aro is doused by a one-boy bucket brigade then, on the other side of the world, Adam Beaton gets deluged before calmly replacing his trademark red porkpie hat on his soggy head.

1 thought on “Shamrokon Miscellany

  1. Shamrokon appeared to run extremely smoothly. The total on-site membership count was around 900, but it felt to me like a much smaller convention.
    On Sunday morning, the Dublin in 2019 bid committee brought a double-decker busload of interested fans to Convention Center Dublin, for a tour of the proposed facility for the 2019 Worldcon. I was impressed, especially by the stage and backstage area, more adequate for a large Worldcon masquerade than any I’ve worked on in the past 43 years, but also by the facility in general: large exhibit hall, lots of smaller rooms, ceiling lighting grids, sound equipment, and electrical power almost everywhere, WiFi which this year can support 12,000 devices. After the tour, I noticed a few veteran con runners at the bid’s table, upgrading the levels of their presupports.

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