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What’s happening in the Liaden Universe®? Sharon Lee and Steve Miller have a new update for fans. They have a lot of books and stories on the way.

FAIR TRADE. The 24th novel set in the Liaden Universe® is Fair Trade, created and written by Sharon Lee and Steve Miller. It also is the third book in the so-called “Jethri arc.” Previous volumes were: Balance of Trade and Trade Secret.

The hardcover comes out from Baen on May 3, 2022. Signed hardcovers can be preordered from Uncle Hugo ONLY.  Click here. There are eARC’s already available from Baen Books — here’s the link.

LIADEN UNIVERSE® CONSTELLATION, VOLUME 5. The new collection of Liaden Universe® stories that have already appeared elsewhere was released as a trade paperback (and a Kindle edition) on February 1.

Table of Contents: Authors’ Foreword, “Fortune’s Favors,” “Opportunity to Seize,” “Shout of Honor,” “Command Decision,” “Dark Secrets,” “A Visit to the Galaxy Ballroom,” “The Gate that Locks the Tree,” “Preferred Seating,” “Ambient Conditions,” and “Dead Men Dream.”

IN TIMES TO COME. Lee and Miller are under contract to Baen Books for more three Liaden Universe® novels after Fair Trade. Those novels are:

1 TRADE LANES, the sequel to Fair Trade — Steve Miller, Lead Writer

2 SALVAGE RIGHT — Sharon Lee, Lead Writer

3 A Liaden Novel to be Named Later — Sharon Lee, Lead Writer – probably. The authors say, “At the moment, this is looking like a return to the Redlands and checking in with Padi, Tekelia, Aunt Astra, Eet, and the gang. This could change, as all things may change, and only reflect our thoughts at the moment.”

BOSKONE 59 SCHEDULE. Steve Miller will be a virtual panelist at Boskone 59, February 18-20. Boskone is a Hybrid Convention this year. All of Miller’s panels are Virtual. His schedule is below. All times are Eastern Standard.

VIRTUAL: Unhappy Endings
18 Feb 2022, Friday 8pm – 8:50pm, Marina IV (Westin)
Jane Yolen, Steve Miller, Julie Czerneda, Paul Di Filippo (M), Ada Palmer

Tragic plays from Shakespeare, Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides are still with us … hundreds, even thousands of years later. Not all stories let the protagonist triumph — sometimes they lose; sometimes they even die losing. Some science fiction and fantasy writers’ unhappily ending stories are quite popular. Why do they succeed? Why do other such stories fail — even fail so hard their authors never try to write unhappily ever after?

VIRTUAL: My Favorite Character
18 Feb 2022, Friday 9pm – 9:50pm, Marina IV (Westin)
Olav Rokne, Jen Gunnels, Steve Miller, David Marshall, James Moore (M)

Google once estimated that humanity had published 129,864,880 books. If about half were SF/F/H trilogies — never mind, let’s ask it this way: from all the speculative fiction stories ever published, who’s your favorite character, and why? Heroine, villain, sidekick, romantic interest, alien bystander? Would you like to meet, have dinner with, or be that person? What does your choice say about your own character?

VIRTUAL: Solo Reading
19 Feb 2022, Saturday 12:30 – 12:55, Marina IV (Westin)
Steve Miller

BAEN PODCAST.  Lee and Miller have a Zoom event coming up later this month — chatting with Griffin Barber about Liaden Universe® Constellation, Volume 5. See or listen to this podcast here.

5 thoughts on “Sharon Lee & Steve Miller Liaden Universe® News

  1. Cat Eldridge — sorry I didn’t see this sooner; I don’t get out much.

    Where to start in the Liaden Universe® is both easy and hard.

    As Kathryn says, Baen gives away the first books of two arcs — AGENT OF CHANGE, the very first Liaden book, and start of the “Agent of Change” arc; and Fledgling, the 11th Liaden book, and the first of the “Theo Waitley” arc. If you can read 30-year-old action/adventure SF, then Agent’s a good choice. If you like coming of age stories, then Theo’s your girl.

    Other good starting points —
    If you like Regencies, Local Custom, Scout’s Progress, and Mouse and Dragon might be of interest to you.

    Conflict of Honors, the second book written in the Liaden Universe® — also a good place to start — romantic adventure.

    Balance of Trade — the first book of the “Jethri Gobelyn” arc, another coming of age story, with galactic trade and alien cultures.

    Necessity’s Child pretty much stands on its own.

    Or, you could just leap in and sort it as you go, which is what I generally do when I discover a long, new-to-me series.

    There’s a Suggested Reading Order, here:

    Hope this helps.

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