Shiffman Page Added to Rotsler Award Site

Stu Shiffman’s artwork is celebrated on a new page at the Rotsler Award website.

Not only are there examples of the 2010 winner’s fanzine art, John Hertz has accepted the challenge of decoding the references in Shiffman’s Mimosa #12 cover.

John’s meticulous research even included a quest to learn the identity of the couple aboard the flying mimeo. They weren’t Mimosa’s editors Rich and Nicki Lynch, so who were they? Looking at those sensitive fannish faces John Hertz and I just knew they were drawn from life. I thought I recognized Hank Luttrell but the woman didn’t look like Lesleigh. John guessed at the woman but couldn’t name her male counterpart.

At last we resorted to the journalistically responsible (if fannishly unusual) choice of asking the artist himself. Stu replied, “The figures are solely fictional from my imagination.” What, there’s no mystery after all? That will never do…

[Thanks to John Hertz for the story.]

4 thoughts on “Shiffman Page Added to Rotsler Award Site

  1. I just wish John’s “meticulous research” had included asking the artists what to post on the Rostler award pages. I’m a little embarrassed by what John shows of my work. One of the pieces is very minor, the other three are available in colour versions.

    I probably only needed to ask for a change, but never got around to it.

  2. @Taral: Well now you have, practically speaking. What would you rather see posted? Shoot me an e-mail and I will work on it.

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