Shoreline of Infinity Launches

Shoreline of Infinity, a new Scottish science fiction magazine, went on sale July 2.

Charles Stross is interviewed in the first issue – a crucial endorsement from Edinburgh’s best known sf author. The magazine’s deep Scots roots are also displayed in a reprint of “Space” by John Buchan (known for The Thirty-Nine Steps). There are also many new stories, of course, and Steve Green’s column “Border Crossings.”

Editor Noel Chidwick explains what kind of stories they hope to publish:

We want stories that explore that uncertain future. We want to play around with the big ideas and the little ones. We want writers to tell us stories to inspire us, give us hope, provide some laughs. Or to scare the stuffing out of us. We want good stories: we want to be entertained, here on the Shoreline. We want to read how people cope in our exotic new world, we want to be in their minds, in their bodies, in their souls.

As we sit around the fire of driftwood, sparks floating to mingle with the stars in the sky, we can share these tales, and remember one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings is our infinitely expandable imagination and sense of wonder.

If you want to join us as we look across the expanse of Infinity, please dip your hand into your virtual pocket and subscribe. If you have the skills to put your sense of wonder into words, nip over to the Submission pages and send us your best piece.

[Thanks to Mike O’Donnell for the story.]

5 thoughts on “Shoreline of Infinity Launches

  1. James

    And just when you think things couldn’t be worse you notice that one of the two women named wrote:

    ‘Cleanup on Deck Seven’

    which does makes things worse…

  2. What a great magazine! I really like that fact that all of the illustrations are specially commissioned for each story and it appears that around half of them have been drawn by women. Looks like a good policy with the material over which there is some control. Pity they can’t commission all of the stories but, then, that would preclude the discovery of new writers. Just have to take what you get there, I suppose.

  3. As one of the authors in this issue, I’d like to offer my sincerest apologies for pursuing an SF career while male. I realize I hurt a great many people, and can only ask for forgiveness, and promise to do better in the future.

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