Showings Planned for “I Remember The Future”

I Remember The FUture movieposterBefore winter ends fans will have two chances to see Klayton Stainer’s short film I Remember The Future, based on the story by Michael A. Burstein. It’s currently making the rounds of the film festival circuit where it has won awards in Houston, San Diego and San Jose.

The Baltimore Science Fiction Society will host a screening on Saturday, November 15. For the BSFS it will mark their clubhouse’s temporary return to the building’s original purpose as a movie theater. It may not look like one anymore, apart from one disconcerting feature explained in the club’s FAQ

19. Why is the floor in the main room of the BSFS building sloped?
The BSFS building used to be the Aldine Theater before 1956. The slight slope of the floor was to accommodate theater seats. The slope is so slight that after walking on it a few minutes you forget it is there, and it would cost a fortune to change, so we are leaving it alone.

The BSFS clubhouse is at 3310 E Baltimore St, Baltimore, MD 21224. The showing begins 7 p.m. preceded by coming attractions and items of interest.

When I Remember The Future is shown at Arisia in Boston on Saturday, January 17 author Michael A. Burstein will be on hand and afterwards he’ll reveal some behind-the-scenes insights. Starting time is 8 p.m. There are plans for a repeat showing on January 18, TBA.

In File 770’s Q & A With Klayton Stainer this spring the filmmaker explained how he discovered the story.

How did you come across the story “I Remember the Future”? What drew you to it as a story that would be good to adapt to film?

I received a copy of The Mammoth Book of Nebula Awards SF for Christmas from my parents. I spent my holidays back home reading all of the stories. My family knew that I was looking for a great story with the intention to make my final film at Swinburne a great one – and sure enough, it was in that book waiting for me to find it.

I Remember the Future was the story that I felt most connected to.

At first glance, I Remember the Future reads as a nearly impossible story to achieve as a student film. Basically, because of next to ‘no budget’ when you are a student, too many locations required and last but not least, the implementation of some special effects it would need to be completed well. But ‘impossible’ is not in my vocabulary, nor is it in the team I put together to work with on this project