Singin’ in the Baen

“Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the contest’s so delightful…”

That would not be a winning entry in Baen Books’ contest to rewrite the lyrics from a standard holday tune so it can be sung by the staff in a music video and posted online.

But I will think of something before the contest ends in mid-January. You can accept the challenge, too, by sending an entry to [email protected] (multiple entries allowed)

The full press release appears after the jump.

For immediate release:

We want your best Baen-mas carols!

Now that it’s snowing (however briefly) here at the office, we’re in the holiday spirit, but alas, we have no music to match the season!

That’s where you all come in.

Ever wanted to take a standard holiday tune, and re-write the lyrics? Now’s your chance!

Create some holiday cheer by altering the songs so that they reference Baen authors, books, or favorite characters. Keep it PG-13 or better, please, and along with your entry, be sure to tell us which song your lyrics are to the tune of, so that we can sing it appropriately.

Because, yes, the winner will have his/her entry rendered by the staff at Baen Books, with video posted online.

Contest runs from now through mid-January.

Submit your entry to [email protected]. (Yes, multiple entries allowed)

Judges are the editors of Baen Books. Entries will be judged on originality, sophisticated word play (okay, puns) and overall fun factor.

For more contests from Baen, see, or the Baen Books Facebook page.

For more information, contact Laura Haywood-Cory at 1-800-ITS-BAEN, or [email protected].

Laura Haywood-Cory
Editorial Assistant
Baen Books
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