SMOFCon 37-1/4

The committees of SMOFCon 38 (Montreal 2022) and SMOFCon 39 (Lisboa 2021) have announced the launch of “SMOFCon 37 ¼,” the online-only mini-SMOFCon event on Saturday, December 5, 2020.  

This small virtual event replaces the postponed Smofcon 38. 

Smofcon is an annual convention for organizers of science fiction and fantasy conventions, where there is a chance to share ideas, discuss solutions, talk, learn and develop skills  on matters relating to their passion for running conventions. 

THE PROGRAMME OF SMOFCON 37 ¼. There will be online Question Time sessions for currently seated Worldcons and SMOFcons and bids for future Worldcons and SMOFcons, plus two sessions focusing on the shift to virtual conventions. 

  • Three Question Time sessions for Worldcon and SMOFcon committees to make presentations and answer questions:
    • The two seated SMOFcons and future SMOFcon bids 
  • An opportunity for the “CoNZealand Chairs Chat” 
  • A virtual panel on ‘Pivoting to a virtual convention and best practices’

As bids and seated cons complete the questionnaires, they will be placed on the site and linked to their relevant sessions. A simple question form for each Question Time session is linked in each programme description. The SMOFcon committee is offering bids and seated cons zoom practice sessions upon request.

CON SUITE. A Virtual Con Suite with breakout rooms for general discussions will also be available for the duration of SMOFCon 37 ¼. Groups may request time slots in breakout rooms. Request forms here.

OTHER INFORMATION. Full details of the event, including the schedule, free registration, participation information and contact details are now available online here.

They are using Grenadine and Zoom as their systems. Send queries to 

SMOFCon 37 ¼ committee Jannie Shea, Kevin Standlee, Vincent Docherty, Marguerite Smith and James Bacon say, “We hope that you join us,”

4 thoughts on “SMOFCon 37-1/4

  1. I can see why committees bidding on future conventions would participate in Q&A — any chance to drum up support, and to show that you are capable of putting on a good convention. But why do seated committees do this?

  2. bill: If your question is specifically about why a seated (Worldcon, Smofcon) committee submits to sitting at the front table for a Q&A session at Smofcon, I think these are the payoffs:

    (1) Builds credibility. If they do a good job of fielding the questions. Good credibility helps with recruiting people to work on the con. (This Q&A is just one opportunity among many.)
    (2) Enhances the prestige of the people who are at the table. This is, after all, SMOFcon, where people like a chance to take their star turn.
    (3) Is a chance to control the message — about whatever topic comes up. Like if someone’s con is in a country whose leadership is carrying out unpopular policies, the con representatives can say whatever they hope will help their own position to a room full of the most connected people in conrunning fandom.

  3. Thank you. I’ve never been involved in running an SF convention (although I have worked in conventions of other fandoms, which have no equivalent to SMOFCon). I hadn’t realized that recruitment of staff was carried on at SMOFCon.

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