Smofcon Europe Posts Worldcon, Eurocon and Smofcon Bidder Questionnaires

Smofcon Europe, a convention for conrunners taking place December 3-5 in Lisboa, Portugal asked Worldcon, Eurocon and Smofcon bidders to answer a questionnaire.

The responses have been posted at Smofcon Europe’s website here. (Direct links below.)

There will also be a series of Q&A sessions at the con on December 4 where bid representatives will make presentations and take questions.

Seated Worldcons

Worldcon bids

Eurocon bids

SMOFcon bids

Three other announced Worldcon bids submitted questionnaires to last year’s Smofcon but are not represented here:

  • Jeddah in 2026
  • Nice in 2026
  • Orlando in 2026

Also absent is the Winnipeg in 2023 bid announced since the last Smofcon.

There is also an Australian bid getting organized.

  • Brisbane in 2028

And there is pre-bid activity for two more locations, Dublin in 2029 and Texas in 2031, whose committees would not be expected to participate at this stage.  

7 thoughts on “Smofcon Europe Posts Worldcon, Eurocon and Smofcon Bidder Questionnaires

  1. Thanks for catching my typo. What was in my head didn’t connect to my typing finger.

  2. I also had noticed Chengdu did not link to an actual Code of Conduct. And that’s a problem.

    Beyond that, I was surprised how many bids answered the CoC question saying they don’t have one yet. Why? Bids know these questionnaires are going to be read and assessed by experienced conrunners whose good opinion they’d presumably like to have. What does it say about the conrunning community that (1) there are bids that didn’t choose to do this work, and (2) they must not be worried about it reflecting negatively on them.

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